A hybrid strategy game / combat vehicle simulator.

Hostile Waters (also known as Hostile Waters: Antaeus Rising) is a hybrid strategy game / combat vehicle simulator. The player uses a futuristic aircraft carrier to construct various tanks, helicopters and hovercrafts, and equip them with selected weapons and upgrades. Deployed units can then be given orders from an RTS-like view or be controlled directly like in a simulation game. This often results in situations in which we build several units, we set one to be controlled by ourselves, and we set others to be our wingmen. AI controlled units are also very useful at tasks like resource gathering or air transport. The game relies heavily on its plot, which deals with many thought-provoking topics. Can advanced technology ensure utopia? Does disarmament really lead to peace? How far should we go with genetic engineering? If we copy human mind on a digital storage device, will the copy be a real person or just a simulation?

These are Hostile Waters.

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